Adding Tableau Server users

If you’re leveraging local authentication for Tableau Server, you might be wondering if there were an automated / ad hoc way to remove/update users to your server and its Sites (where appropriate). Sure, you can manually do it. But who wants to do that? No one. If you have a lot of activity, these one-offs are bound to add up and eat away both time and security.

Here’s a quick PowerShell function that will do that for you. This is designed to update users and assumes you already have an automated way of provisioning your new and removing your old (please say you do). Again, by ‘update’, I mean, remove the ability for a users to just go back to the site and select ‘Forgot your password’ after they have been terminated. That would be bad, especially if they have a valid email…

Get the code here.

Let me know if there are questions!


Farmington Tableau User Group

We’re excited to bring Tableau to Farmington!

Our first meeting is Thursday, February 23 @ 3:30PM MST. Please attend if you’re able. We’re planning on gearing these meetings around the applied, real-world use of Tableau so they should be a blast.

Here are the details:

See you there!